Rah Digga On Kat Stacks: ‘I Like That She’s Putting These Dudes On Blast’


In 2010, it’s tough to find a figure more polarizing in the hip-hop world than Kat Stacks. From airing silly rappers’ dirty drawers, to being ambushed by aunties to rallying throngs of #TeamKatStacks supporters on Twitter, she brings fire to any conversation. 

Perhaps that explains Rah Digga’s mixed feelings on the secondhand celebrity.

“I’m a 50-50 fan of Kat Stacks right now,” says Digga, who recently dropped her Nottz-produced comeback album Classic. “She’s horrible as far as the role-model category, but I don’t put her in that category. I like the fact that she’s putting these dudes on blast.”

Rah Digga points out the way Kat Stacks flipped the script on the overly macho world of rappers who so often address women in misogynistic ways.

“It’s funny to me when rappers get all beside themselves and egotistical and here comes a chick like Kat Stacks, who’s proud to tell you that she’s been passed around the industry,” Busta Rhymes’ former protegé tells VIBE. “She’s like a virus that y’all just constantly keep feeding. So I’m like, ‘hey, if y’all going to keep letting her get away with the shit, then kudos to you, Kat.’

“I don’t feel like its all her fault,” she continues. “It’s a 50-50 shared responsibility.”

Rah Digga weighs on the demise of the female MC in the original BET documentary, My Mic Sounds Nice: A Truth About Women And Hip-Hop, alongside commentary by Missy Elliott, MC Lyte, Eve and more. —John Kennedy, with additional reporting by Mikey Fresh


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