Rah Digga Talks New Album, Defending Roxane Shante, & Kat Stacks

This past Tuesday Brick City’s First Lady Rah Digga, released her long awaited sophomore album, making her official return to rap after nearly a decade without an official release. The Nottz produced LP titled Classic features no guest appearances or outside production and strictly showcases the God given lyrical talent given to the femcee.

“It’s a time now where everybody feels Hip-Hop is so watered down—you’re going to hear this album and think I miss hearing girls hearing girls flow like this, boomin’ in your jeep beats like this, “ explains Digga on the album’s title. “It’s not saturated with cameos, no R&B hooks. Just raw beats, raw rhymes, raw cuts, and it’s not something I did to be trendy. I did the exact opposite. “

With a loyal fanbase, a plethora of guest features and a host of unreleased material leaking to the Internet over the years, Digga has managed to keep her name abuzz with Hip-Hop fans that’ve been patiently waiting on this project. From the jump, Digga says she was hesitant in letting Nottz produce the entire project.

“My first reaction was being a little nervous about range, variety, and different sounds. I didn’t want to come off monotonous,” Digga tells VIBE. “But once we started, it was clear that Nottz had to do the whole thing, but in the beginning I hesitant. I was feeling a mixture of feelings because I wasn’t real sure how I should to come back in 2010.”