Reality TV Recap: Fantasia & Aunt Clash; Real & Chance Are Shark Whisperers

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Fantasia For Real

On last night’s episode, Fantasia wanted her first single to be “Even Angels” as a result of her London concert being a success (the fans were very receptive to that song in particular). However, the label had other plans and decided that “Bittersweet” was the single (they basically showed that they owned her). Aside from music, Fanny’s aunt Bunny was still trying to steer her away from the possibility of being with a married man by coercing her into going speed dating. The idea was for them to experience it together but Fanny expressed that she wasn’t ready for something like that while on the way to the venue and Aunt Bunny demanded to be let out of the car so that she could go alone, and stormed off in a huff. (Bunny actually met people but we’ll have to see if anything happens with that in future episodes). They made up later, but it was revealed Fantasia and her aunt had tension stemming from the infamous confrontation in episode one. However, we know that family in general has a lot of drama to work out so this isn’t the end of it. Fanny goes to therapy but it seems like the whole Barrino crew needs some serious professional help.

LaLa’s Full Court Wedding

Last night we watched La La juggle wedding planning with planning for Carmelo’s impending birthday. She said that birthdays were a big deal to her family so she planned to do it up for her boo but she had to go to New York first to get the location and food details squared away for her nuptials. While on a one day trip to NYC, she met up with her wedding planner, her mom, her cousin and Angela Beyince (Beyonce’s cousin) who helped her make some final decisions. By the end of her trip she realized that her wedding planner had everything on lock and decided to ease up a bit. She capped her Big Apple trip off with a family dinner (she hadn’t seen her relatives in a while) and went back to La La Land with her cousin in tow (who agreed to live with her until the wedding was over), where she prepped for Melo’s born day. Carmelo’s actual birthday was low-key during the day. Some of his friends chilled at their crib and kicked it by playing spades, etc. Little Kiyan presented his daddy with a sweet card while La La gave him a $16,000 watch (must be nice). They capped the night off with a birthday party at a swank club where celebs like Ciara, Tyrese and more came through to show love.

Real And Chance: Legend Hunters

Real and Chance went to The Bahamas to become shark whisperers (yeah, we don’t know what the heck that is either). Apparently, shark whisperers are foolhardy people who enjoy swimming and socializing with sharks. The point is to show the sharks who is boss (have we not learned from the crocodile hunter?). Real and Chance first practiced their marine encounter in a tank full of sea lions. The idea was they had to conquer sea lions before they could think about sharks. By the way, Chance couldn’t really swim so of course, foolery ensued. The pair had a screaming match with the sea lion. Whoever was the loudest was the winner. They won (surprise, surprise) and proved that they were ready for the sharks. Long story short, they swam with the sharks for a little while until the sharks started getting really aggressive, which scared them. However, they were gifted with pink t-shirts that signified them becoming honorary shark whisperers. Alrighty, then…