Reality TV Recap: Fantasia Denies Homewrecking; La La Gets Advice From Tyrese

Fantasia For Real

For people who have an abnormally morbid curiosity about the drama that celebrities get themselves into every day, rest assured that we will get to witness some of the drama involving Fantasia’s alleged affair with a married man. In short, according to the trailer the aftermath of her suicide attempt from the moment she is found unconscious will be covered later in the season (as if YBF hasn’t covered it already). Last night’s premiere started out with the typical R&B star stuff, like when Fanny talked to her manager about getting her career back on track but things heated up when her aunt and mom confronted her about possibly being a homewrecker. They said they had heard rumors from the “media” and wanted to set the record straight with her so they sat her down and tried to get answers.

Fanny claimed that the situation wasn’t what people thought and stormed off saying she wasn’t ready to address the situation. She later explained that she had been in several toxic relationships ever since having a child, at 17. Therefore, despite her denial as far as breaking up a marriage, it could possibly be true. People with a history of bad relationships tend to have low self-esteem so it could have been that the man she was dealing with, who shall remain nameless, picked up on that and told her what he thought she wanted to here. We're no Dr. Phil, but that theory doesn’t require a Ph. D to figure out. No one will ever really know what happened but hopefully we’ll also see Fantasia move past this—in a positive direction. One thing that might work to her advantage is that her annoying brother Teeny has moved into his own place.

LaLa's Full Court Wedding

Despite high divorce rates in American society, we're still a wedding obsessed country when it comes to extravagance, so it makes sense that LaLa and Carmelo Anthony added to the long list of celebrity couples who gave us a glimpse into the making of their ridiculously priced wedding. La La and Melo are in marital bliss now, but Full Court Wedding details the grueling process of putting together their extravagant event. Ironically, LaLa didn’t want a big wedding but Carmelo did (and so did her mom). LaLa worked with a wedding coordinator but a lot of the errands have fallen into her lap in addition to balancing motherhood and keeping her man happy.

Judging from the pictures we've all seen by now on gossip blog central, everything went well. However, it'll be fun to watch LaLa interact with her family and friends, especially her cute son, Kiyan. One of the most interesting things about last night’s episode was that she met up with her boy Tyrese (the singer) for lunch and he told her that she needed to stop hanging out with her single friends because they are coming from a different perspective. (You hear that Kim Kardashian?) It makes sense but at the same time, if La La has committed to marriage, especially after a six-year engagement, then it’s probably safe to say that her mind is right. It’s not like she’s gonna go to singles night with her girls. A friend is a friend whether single or not, as long as they’re not toxic, so La La hanging out with her single friends every once in a while isn’t too bad as long as she respects the boundaries of her union. What do you think?

Real and Chance: Legend Hunters

Apparently Vh1 couldn’t get enough of the corniest brothers on Earth The Stallionaires and decided to bring them back for a new show. They’re not looking for love this time; they’re searching for legendary monsters like giant cat fish, 1500 lb wild boars, and a host of other extremely dangerous animals in the world, including mythological creatures like The Yeti. Okay... Last night’s episode found them searching for the biggest catfish in North America, Lee’s Monster, in Stillwater, Oklahoma. First of all, these dudes are afraid of everything. Everything! They found a turtle on the street (think the turtles you would buy at the pet shop), and got the bright idea to take it for a ride. Chance rested the turtle on the partition between the driver’s seat and the passenger’s side of their car and for some odd reason, they damn near started screaming when the turtle began to move once the car was in motion. It was really weird and juvenile. (And y’all thought Will.i.am was in black face at the VMAs? smh).

But as far as Lee’s Monster, legend has it that a fisherman named Lee almost got eaten alive by the 150lb catfish, which is about four times the size of average giant catfish and about the same size as Chance, who literally weighs 130 lbs. The pair roamed town and talked to Lee’s friends and relatives who taught them how to fish for catfish (in practice tanks). They started small by getting immersed in a tank full of general, averaged sized river fish (and screamed like 5 year olds getting chased by a clown at a birthday party) and they eventually worked their way up to practicing catfish fishing in a huge tank. Long story short, once they got to the real thing, each brother caught a giant catfish (and managed to not squeal like Ru-Paul at a drag pageant in the process). There was no sighting of Lee’s Monster but despite the madness, you were almost proud that they kind of completed the task at hand. But the million-dollar question is, what ever happened to their music career? It’s not like folks are really checking for it but still, with acts like T-Baby and 50 Tyson floating around, you almost appreciate the stallion style.

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Drake To Direct Upcoming ’48 Laws Of Power’ Episode On Quibi

While Drake is behind the mic laying down new verses for upcoming music, the Toronto native will also step behind the camera to direct an episode of an upcoming series. Based on Robert Greene’s best-selling book The 48 Laws of Power, the series of the same name will debut on Quibi in the near future.

Drake’s production company Dreamcrew, and Anonymous Content will helm the executive producing duties. The partnership will also receive executive direction from Dreamcrew’s co-founder Adel “Future” Nur and executive Jason Shrier. “When Drake and I sat down with Robert Greene it was incredibly inspiring,” Future said. “The laws allow for a wide range of dynamic storytelling and Quibi allows us to tell these stories in bite-sized chapters similar to the book.” The entertainment outlet will launch on mobile on Apr. 6.

Greene, who’ll be an executive producer as well, said he’s looking forward to the cinematic adaptation of his 1998 book. The passage outlines the road to success through philosophies taught by Sun-tzu, Machiavelli, and more.

"I have always thought that The 48 Laws of Power would be a perfect fit for a series, bringing to life the timeless Machiavellian game of power as portrayed in the book. But it was not until Drake and Future with Anonymous Content approached me with their unique cinematic approach to the laws that I knew I could join forces with them and go all in for a filmed interpretation of my work," Greene said. Anonymous Content will spearhead the studio.

Although music videos might be the only time you see Drake on the television screen, for now, the 33-year-old has his hands in a couple of TV projects from Netflix to HBO. On the former streaming service, Drake executive produced London's hit series Top Boy. On HBO, the first season of Euphoria, which Drake recently posted a picture of a table read on his Instagram, is headed into its second season. The production is currently on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Courtesy of Netflix

Kenya Barris’ ‘#blackAF’ Netflix Series Debuts New Trailer

Kenya Barris is looking to command the Netflix universe with another program for the streaming giant titled #blackAF. The series, set to premiere on Apr. 17, will depict his parenting skills and family structure in “a total reboot of the family sitcom” dynamic.

The mockumentary stars Rashida Jones, with guest spots from Nia Long, Tyler Perry, Mike Epps and more. Barris will also step into a leading role, playing a version of himself. Its description reads: “With new money and expensive tastes, Kenya Barris and his family navigate success and explore the struggles of being unapologetically black and wealthy.”

The show arrives after Barris' previous sketch comedy series, Astronomy Club, which debuted in 2019. The 45-year-old director/writer has also created hit programming including his -ish canon of black-ish, grown-ish, and mixed-ish. Barris is also responsible for writing the sequel to Coming to America.

View the trailer below.

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‘Dutch’ Trailer Features Lance Gross, Macy Gray And More

In an adaptation of Teri Woods' best-selling Dutch novel, the film of the same name will finally hit theaters in Fall 2020. The movie stars Lance Gross, Macy Gray, Melissa Williams, James Hyde and more.

The motion picture is directed by Preston Whitmore (This Christmas) and tells the story of Bernard “Dutch” James Jr., an ambitious drug dealer who has his sights set on becoming the East Coast’s top drug lord while battling a high-profile court case.

"We really got our hands on an all-star cast," says Manny Halley, producer of Dutch and founder of Imani Media Group. "Dutch is an iconic story within the urban literary genre, so we had to get every detail right—and I think we did. Fans will be looking for us to finish the trilogy with this one!"

The book "Dutch" was part of a trilogy series that first began in 2003. It was followed by "Dutch II: Angel’s Revenge," and "Dutch III: International Gangster."

View the trailer above.

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