Reality TV Recap: Ochocinco Chooses His Catch, Mo Curses Out TO


Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch

Brittany is still sick but it doesn’t stop the hate when she sees that Rubi, not Tiphani, is the last woman standing. At this point they realize their friendship is over. Both women get to meet Ochocinco’s grandmother (separately) who means business. Big Mama Ochocinco grills each of them and tries to see who is right for her grandson. Big Mama Ochocinco revealed that she is concerned about Rubi being too naïve and not being able to handle Ochocinco’s lifestyle, but that Britanny having a son is also an issue because if her son isn’t feeling Chad, then it’s a wrap. Each woman went on one more final date with Ochocinco before he finally made his decision. In the end, it took him about 20 minutes of dramatics (cue drawn out speech and extra commercials) to announce that he decided to roll with Rubi. We wonder how long that lasted until he dropped her for Evelyn Lozada. What will be even more interesting is how Ochocinco will break up with Rubi at the reunion, you know it’s coming!


The TO Show

TO went to visit Mo’s new son, Jackson, but what started as a good meeting did not end very well when Mo tried to encourage TO to connect with his three-year-old son that he doesn’t know. Mo was just concerned because she and TO have similar issues with absentee dad’s and wanted TO to break would could continue to be a negative cycle but TO ended up telling her to mind her business and stormed out of her house. Kita set up a lunch date with TO and Mo so that the latter two could reconcile and that the trio could move forward with business. Mo apologized for offending him but TO, still offended (he knew he was wrong), basically told her to shut up, be his publicist and stop worrying about his personal life. That didn’t go over too well either. It lead to a big blow up that ended with Mo cursing him out and storming away from the table as she flashed everyone’s favorite statement finger. Kita tried badly to moderate and failed. Meanwhile, TO feigned stoicism by eating his sandwich like nothing ever happened. TO went to see his therapist the next day where he explained what happened with Mo, but the main focus was his love for Kari. He felt that he wanted to be with her–for real this time–paid her a visit the next day and proposed. That’s where the episode ended so it looks like season three is a go. In the meantime, check your favorite gossip blogs to find out whether TO is engaged or not and whether he and Mo are back on speaking terms.