Shane Mosley Talks Sparring With Rakim & Floyd Mayweather’s Legal Trouble: ‘I Hear It’s Been Going On For 10 Years’


Sugar Shane Mosley defies conventional nature. The 39-year-old boxer known for lightning hand speed and deceptive punching power has been rocking opponents like Oscar De La Hoya and Ricardo Mayorga for 17 years and has no intention of retiring soon. After a disappointing loss last May to boxing’s current best Floyd Mayweather Jr, Mosley is ready to get back on the winning track with tonight’s Lightweight bout against Ford tough former champ Sergio Mora. During this last week of training Shane gave VIBE a call to discuss his Eric B & Rakim motivation, son being his secret weapon and strategy for tonight. —Bonsu Thompson

VIBE: What artists do you train to?
Sugar Shane Mosley: I listen to a lot of Drake but for this match I kind of went back to the old-school and playing a lot of Eric B & Rakim. Paid In Full, The R, all that.

Was there anything specific that you worked on in preparation for this match?
I got my jab a little stronger and worked on stronger defense. I worked really hard in camp so I think I’m ready.

What are the keys to beating Mora?
The key is to make sure Sergio doesn’t out work or out hustle me. He work hard and fights hard and that added weight could help him out. So I have to make sure my endurance is up so I can throw a lot of punches.

Your last fight against Mayweather you were criticized for losing steam in the later rounds. Was your conditioning a factor?
No. Conditioning didn’t play a part in that loss. What did play a part was my neck got tight. I just didn’t have a good night. I got a good shot in but after that, that was it. If you can go ten more rounds after two you’re in pretty good shape.

What lead to your neck stiffening?
If you watch the fight you can see he hit me in my neck like seventeen times, but I guess that’s what you’re supposed to do to win the fight: do anything possible.

You’re a living legend in the sport of boxing. Your legacy is already secure. So what motivates you to continue boxing?

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