Shontelle Says Christina Aguilera ‘Lost Her Mojo’

Everyone in pop seems to have an opinion on Christina Aguilera’s descent, even newbie artists like 24-year-old Bajan, Shontelle

According to Showbiz Spy, the Bajan singer commented on Aguilera’s fallen popularity recently: “I feel like Christina lost her mojo,” she says. “But every artist goes through that. Everyone has that album that just didn’t work.”

Shontelle, who’s sophomore album, No Gravity was released yesterday also went on to say that she’s not immune to the wrath of pop culture as well.

“It’s a tough time for a new artist. Established artists aren’t selling albums, so you’re not likely to sell a lot of albums if your single hasn’t been top five. Even so, it is still not really enough time for fans to really ‘buy’ your music,” she says.

“I feel like it takes time as an artist to really find yourself and develop your sound and figure out what people want. Sometimes it’s more challenging than you think.”

Shontelle’s debut album, Shontelligence, dropped in 2008, but due to low sales was re-leased in March 2009.

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