Snooki Polizzi Could Face Jail Time On Public Nuisance Charges


Snooki may vex viewers of the MTV series weekly, but now she could finally pay the price.

The fist-pumping Jersey Shore star, who was arrested on disorderly conduct charges on July 30 and later slapped by the prosecutor with a violation of annoying people on an NJ beach last month, goes to trial today and may face to up to $3,200 in fines and 30 days of jail time. 

The 22-year-old has plead not guilty to all charges.

Snooki, born Nicole Polizzi, told MTV that she’s too good-looking for the clink. 

“I’m too pretty to be in jail,” she said. “I’m a good person. I’m not a criminal and I will never go back there.”

She continued: “I don’t know why people take it so seriously. I had a couple cocktails, and they just put me in a drunk tank to sober me up.”

Jersey Shore is one of MTV’s highest-rated shows.

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