Snoop Dogg & Mike Epps (Pg. 2)

I was riding down the street and I was smoking and I ran out of gas on the side of the 405. A star road up on the side of me and said, “Mike what’s up?!” I said, “Man, I ran outta gas!” And he took a picture of me and rode off and put it on Bossip.

[Snoop and Mike crack up laughing]

Mike: It wasn’t a paparazzi that did it. It was Pat Sajak!

[Snoop and Mike laugh]

Mike: And do you know I been find out where he live. I can’t find nothing out about him.

Funny. What was your first impression of Nicki Minaj and what do you think of her now?

Snoop: Oh, she getting money, shit. I ain’t no hater. She filling a lane that’s empty. There ain’t no female rappers that are appealing that can rap, that are connected to a real rap group or rap gang or what not. She doing her thang thang.

Mike: She represent the new wave of kids that’s out here and she’s kinda like a Black Lady Gaga.

Snoop: Yeah, they generation’s for they generation. We respect ’em and we push ’em and we honor ’em and we don’t got nothing bad to say about ’em. Sometimes we may not understand it ’cause it may not be for you but at the same time that’s not to disencourage it. I like her. She get down, she fly, she look good, she got her thang together. I knew her before she became big or whatnot. She interviewed me a couple times. 

For what?

She interviewed me at a Lil Wayne concert once upon a time when I was backstage and she was on the incline and I know she was liking pimpin’ and whatnot but pimpin’ wasn’t on her like that. So I didn’t even play my cards like that. I kept my hands to myself. 

So you could’ve been with Nicki Minaj.

[Mike Epps laughs] Oh Lord.

Snoop: I didn’t say that! There you go with the VIBE magazine—I could see the front of this muthafucka, “Snoop Dogg Says He Could’ve Been With Nicki Minaj.” That ain’t what I said. I said she did an interview with me and when she did the interview with me she was on pimpin’ cause when I do interviews, it just is what it is.

Have you been following the NFL? Do you have a pick?

Snoop: I’m a Pittsburg Steeler, baby, you know that. I go with the Steelers all the way. Mike is an Indianapolis Colts fan, he go with them all the way with them. We don’t know how to vote for nobody but our team.

Mike: I’m bout to host the BET Awards for the second time. I hope it’s better than the last time.

You didn’t like last year’s?

Mike: Yeah, I hope it’s better than last year’s. They got a lot of great artists. It’s gon’ make my comedy real easy ’cause they been real bad in the hip-hop game.

What’s the worst thing in hip-hop right now?

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