Snoop Dogg & Mike Epps (Pg. 3)


The worst thing in hip-hop is that these little kids do not like… I ain’t gon say these little kids but I’m gon’ say they don’t wanna hear the good music. That’s all I’ma say.

Snoop, which rapper do you cosign and Mike, which new comedian do you cosign?

Snoop: It’s a lot of them that’s hard in the yard right now. I got a couple of homeboys, Lil Pilot from the LBC, the Hustle Boys, Mack Shine 100 out the Bay Area and I like the boy outta Pittsburgh, Wiz Khalifa. He off the chain with it. He represent that black and yellow and he go hard in the yard. He got a bunch of songs, he be smoking when he rapping, his shit is just… It sound like my kinda shit; I can get with it. The kids like it, I like it, he talking slick, he hard on his bitch, he smoke a lot of dope, he from Pittsburgh, I just like the nigga swag.

Mike: My little partner Terry Welch outta Atlanta, really really funny, been on Def Comedy Jam. He’ll talk about anybody. Scruncho outta Long Beach, outta Snoop Dogg and them camp, he off the chain, funny, raw. Kenny Howell out of Southside of Chicago, he’s a Def Comedy Jam vet. These just some funny guys that I got on this new DVD Mike Epps Presents Live at the Nokia Theater.

What did you learn from each other from shooting the show together?

Mike: I learned how to really, really put together a nice live and more exciting show than just a comedy show working with Snoop Dogg because he’s very, very well professioned and put together when it comes to putting together a show. I was blown away when I seen his show so now I know how to really entertain the audience other than just giving them a straight dry comedy show.

Snoop: Just to let my nuts hang. Have no breaks, just go all out. That’s what Mike does and when he come around he go all out and that just makes me want to go all out. I learned to just be me at all times and never let nobody try to put me in a box or try to make me who I’m not.


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