Story Time: Sheek Louch Recalls Studio Sessions With DMX, Biggie & Jay-Z


“I still remember the day we were in the studio making ‘Last Day’ with B.I.G. Of course, the first thing that sticks out is the big-ass Hellman’s mayonnaise jar of Branson. [Laughs] It was love from day one with B.I.G. and The Lox. We just got to the label and he was asking us to get on all these records because he thought we were nice. Puff would have us in this little ass B-room and Biggie and all his other artists would be in the big studio. He would bring all these other rappers and try to have them semi-battle us or just hear us rap, that’s why we were spitting so hard on that. Around the same time, we did that ‘You’ll See’ freestyle. We didn’t even get hear B.I.G’s part ’til after it was finished. In those days, we would just spit on any record we could. Little did we know it would make Biggie’s album.”

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