Talking Points With Melyssa Ford [Pg. 2]


On The Rise Of Butt Pads:

When it comes to a celebrity wearing a butt pad, I guess by looking at it, the average person is wondering what were they thinking. Like, “Oh my God, what the fuck was she thinking?” Literally, what is she thinking that she felt the need to put that on to create the illusion that she’s got more ass than she knows she’s got. It goes towards that person’s psychological—why they felt the need to do so. The whole concept of celebrity is the illusion of perfection, and that is, in essence, what we’re selling. You would be furious at a celebrity for having the audacity to leave their house looking less than fucking presentable. You would. The average person would be like, “Who the fuck does she think she is?” And if an actor or an actress is on a stage and in a movie and on a TV show on a red carpet, whatever they’ve got on or underneath their clothing is fine. The conclusion is that butt pads are equal to push-up bras. If it makes you more comfortable, then don’t let anybody’s perception stand in your way, but when it comes to cosmetic enhancements like butt implants and the shot, you should do your homework so that you don’t end up on some surgeon’s table with a malpractice suit. 

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