Talking Points: Melyssa Ford Talks Crushing On 50 Cent, Butt Pads, Kat Stacks & Her Hate For Essence Mag

On E-Flirting With @50Cent:

Oh, God. It was so experimental. So check what happens, I was home by myself one day, exhausted. I needed a break so I was catching up on movies like The Hangover. My favorite scene is where the wedding singer [sings], “I’ll take you to the candy shop.” [Laughs]. I tweeted something like, “When I get married, I have to hire the wedding singer from The Hangover. His cover of @50cent is priceless.” Then I went down to the gym came back, checked my Twitter page and I gained 400 followers. I was like, “What the fuck?” [Laughs] Then I start looking at the replies, and I saw that somebody RT’d something that 50 had said to me. He was like, “Hey babe, @MelyssaFord. How you been? Long time, no see,” or something like that. [Laughs] People don’t know that I’ve known 50 since 2004. Off of one response, I got 400 followers! So I did a little flirt back and forth. It was no more than, like, six exchanges. In two days, my followers went up by 5,000. Two days later we’re on the blogs. Worst things could be said because he’s easy on the eyes. Will power [keeps our relationship platonic] [Laughs]. I think [dating 50] would be a lot of unnecessary pressure that I don’t know if I’d be willing to deal with. Maybe [if we weren’t in the industry], yeah. It’s very easy for a woman to fall in love with him and it happens all the time. Because of his money? Yeah. Fine, but the reality of the situation is 50’s so charming that he can get and keep just about any woman he wanted. It’s just the truth. 

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