Tupac Talks ‘Hit Em Up’ Vs. ‘Who Shot Ya?’ (Pg. 2)


What about niggas on the West Coast?

They not feedin’ in, they about their money and shit. I’m talking about the east coast. Cause I love a lot of niggas out there. I love a lot of people out there. I got a lot of support from New York when I was in jail. That’s really important to me that New York don’t think I’m trippin’ on you. This is just something that’s been in me for a long time. They just dissing us. I can’t take it no more. But I love all my fans, all the people that supported me and everybody that’s down for me. People like Freddie Foxx stayed down for me. And people like Latifah and Treach. And I heard that Smif-N-Wessun gave me some love on they album. I got nothing but love for them. But see people like Mobb Deep? Stupid “Thug Life we still living it.” That’s what gonna start this whole new… When you see this Outlaw Immortalz shit, that’s what started it. Biggie and them being in VIBE talking all that shit. Stretch… All them people. That’s what started all this.

This Outlaw Immortalz is off the hook, kid. Off the hook. There’s a song on there called “Hit em Up” that’s gonna be one of the most talked about… You remember like Ice Cube’s “No Vaseline”? “Hit em Up”’s gonna be like that. It’s coming out a couple months after my album. On my record label and Death Row.

What’s your label called?

Euthanasia Records.

Why that title?

I fell in love with that word. I feel like that’s me. I’m gonna die, I just wanna die without pain. I don’t wanna die, but if I gotta go I wanna go without pain.

Want me to tell you my verse to that? It go. Awww maaaaan… 

[rapping a capella]

Niggas talk plenty shit

So many tricks

I fucked your bitch

Cause I’m true to this

Witness the heat

You talk bad about a nigga

When I get blasted

Hope you made a little money

While the fun lasted.

Heard they call you Big Poppa

Nigga, how you figure?

Cause to me you’ll always be

A phony fat nigga

I can’t be copied

You can wear the Versace

Nigga you runnin’ or what?

Scared as fuck

For the gun to bust

Now niggas duck

I got a list of player haters to fade

You bitch niggas getting blowed away…

You cross-eyed down syndrome crack baby

Now you and Puffy is toughies?

Now that’s crazy

I got your ass in my sights

Niggas dying tonight

We screaming “West side for life”

I can’t wait to see you niggas in traffic

Cause we gonna hit em up

When you see me you better bust

Nigga I hit em up

[to the melody of Junior M.A.F.I.A. “Players’ Anthem”]

Grab your Glocks when you see Tupac

Call the cops when you call Tupac

Who shot me but you punks didn’t finish

Now you about to feel the wrath of a menace

Nigga I hit em up

Don’t you think that’s gonna make it worse?

That’s hip hop. Niggas been talking shit all while I was in jail. “Who Shot Ya?” L.L. got a song “I Shot Ya.” Even if it ain’t about me, nigga, you should be like, I’m not putting it out cause he might think it’s about him.

So you think Biggie’s song “Who Shot Ya” was about you?

It came out too quick. It was just tasteless. So if he think “Hit Em Up” is about him, hey, whatever.

You mention their names in there. They didn’t mention your name in “Who Shot Ya?”

I ain’t no punk. I ain’t gonna hide behind the facts.

Who do you think shot you a year ago?

I know, but it ain’t nothing to speak on.

But you know who did it?

They know who did it.

They who?

The people who shot me. The people who had me shot. Everybody that know, know. But I ain’t worried about that. Peace on earth. I got a whole new clique, those niggas in Jersey. So I’m not gangbanging against the east side. I got niggas from the east side in my clique dissin’ Biggie just as hard as me. It’s niggas out there that he done wrong. As far as Da Brat, she’s opening her mouth getting into some shit she don’t want to be involved with. I wanna be the peacemaker, Kev. I wanna tell everybody to just stop.

What did you learn from your experience in prison? It was eleven and a half months.

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