‘Undercovers’ Sneak Peak Starring Boris Kodjoe [VIDEO]

Actor Boris Kodjoe is having the kind of September that some actors don’t experience in an entire year—with simultaneous hit and buzzworthy projects on both the big and small screen.

This week, the German-born actor is currently enjoying the biggest movie in his film career; he costars in the 3D Resident Evil: Afterlife, which opened number one at the box office and grossed 27.7 million (the biggest earning movie in the franchise) it’s first week in theaters.

And next week, Kodjoe stars the highly anticipated NBC spy drama, Undercovers, which costars Gugu Mbatha-Raw and  premieres September 22nd. With its married, undercover spy leads there have been obvious comparisons to the 2005 Brad Pitt/Angelina Jolie film Mr. & Mrs. Smith. But as you can see from the clip below it’s translucently clear that as Mr. & Mrs. Steven and Samantha Bloom, Boris and Gugu inject a flavor, sizzle and sexy playfulness into the spy genre that has never before been witnessed in primetime television.—Ronke Idowu Reeves