VIBE's Guide to Fashion's Night Out

As if you really needed an excuse to shop, the second annual Fashion's Night Out celebration is this Friday, September 10, taking place all over the world.  Whether you're in New York, London, Paris or Bucharest (okay maybe not there), your city has events planned for you to celebrate fashion by shopping, drinking, and hanging out with some famous faces.  All the events are open to the public, the only difficulty is choosing what to hit when there's a party on every block.  

Here are our top choices in New York:

What: Photo shoot at John Varvatos

Who: Mick Rock

Where: 122 Spring Street (7-10PM)

Why: Get your portrait taken by legendary rock photographer Mick Rock, who’s photographed everyone from Bowie to Jagger and Iggy Pop if you spend $300 and up at the SoHo store.

What:  Meet the fashion icon Tom Ford at Bergdorf Goodman

Who: Tom Ford

Where: Bergdorf Goodman, 2nd Floor (8-8:30PM)

Why:  Because he’s the man that breathed life back into Gucci, makes the world’s most lust-worthy menswear and any Tom Ford fragrance purchase signed.

What: The World of Travel from Assouline

Who: Waris Ahluwalia, Pamela Fiori, Tommy Hilfiger, and Rima Suqi

Where: ASSOULINE at The Plaza 59th Street and Fifth Avenue, lobby mezzanine

Why: If the chance to get your picture taken with one of the most famous names in American fashion doesn’t woo you, then the free champagne from 6-8PM should do it.


What: Shipley & Halmos + Guerrilla Ice Cream Celebrate Fashion's Night Out at Odin New York

Who: Lots of hipster fans of the brand and Brooklyn Brewery beer

Where: Odin New York (Soho), 199 Lafayette St. (6-11PM)

Why: Mingle with the cool kids while drinking local beer.

What: “Love Express”

Who: Supermodel Jessica Stam

Where: Express Soho, 545 Broadway (between Houston and Prince)

Why: Complimentary manicures, tarot card readings, music by the blond supermodel and $30 off each $90 purchase.

What: Guess?  No really, that's the name.

Who: Guess? models and DJ Jolina

Where: 537 Broadway (6-11PM)

Why: Free mini-makeovers, cocktails, and discounts.

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Associated Press

Suspect Arrested In Sexual Assault Case Of Woman Who Gave Birth While Incapacitated

Earlier this month, a woman who has been in a vegetative state for over a decade gave birth to a boy on Dec. 29. The delivery immediately raised red flags and launched an investigation to find the suspect that raped her. Now, on Wednesday morning (Jan. 23), Phoenix police announced the arrest of a nurse that worked at Hacienda HealthCare facility, where the unidentified woman is a patient.

Nathan Sutherland, 36, was arrested and charged with vulnerable adult abuse and sexual assault, the Associated Press reports. Sutherland, who's been an employee at Hacienda since 2011, was the 29-year-old woman's care provider, according to Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams, and his DNA matched the authorities' gathered evidence.

In a statement published by KTAR News, the facility's Executive Vice President Gary Orman said the company "will accept nothing less than a full accounting of this absolutely horrifying situation, an unprecedented case that has devastated everyone involved."

The woman's family discussed their daughter's health condition in a statement issued to NBC News. "She has significant intellectual disabilities as a result of seizures very early in her childhood," according to the family's attorney. "She does not speak but has some ability to move her limbs, head and neck. Their daughter responds to sound and is able to make facial gestures. The important thing is that she is a beloved daughter, albeit with significant intellectual disabilities."

The Huffington Post also notes that two doctors previously came under fire for the incident. One doctor was suspended while the other resigned. The doctor who was suspended was handed that mandate after authorities deemed he "placed the health and welfare of AHCCCS members in danger."

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Gina Rodriguez Tearfully Addresses Anti-Black Allegations

Gina Rodriguez sparked controversy on social media in Nov. 2018, after she made questionable claims about the racial pay gap in the workplace. During a panel discussion on Neta Porter's "The Television Debate" with Gabrielle Union, Ellen Pompeo, and more, the actress falsely claimed that black women were paid more than Latina and Asian women. Nearly two months after the backlash, Rodriguez sat down with Sway in the Morning on Jan. 22, to explain her previous statements and debunk the notion that she is anti-black.

"I wasn’t speaking about my industry," she said of her previous comments about the racial pay gap. "I always find it difficult to  talk about equal pay as a woman who makes a substantial amount of money. As somebody who came from poverty to now the amount of money I get paid, it doesn’t feel right that I’m the one talking about it because i’m just so damn grateful…"

The Jane the Virgin actress stated that she was devastated by the tweets from the black community that claimed she was anti-black because she felt deeply connected to the racial group growing up. "What I was saying is that when we talk about equal pay we have to talk about intersectionality because we all must rise. And so, the backlash was devastating to say the least because the black community was the only community I looked towards," she continued. "Growing up, we didn’t have many Latino shows and the black community made me feel like I was seen. So to get ‘anti-black’ is saying that I’m anti-family. My father is dark-skinned. He’s Afro-latino. And my cousins are. And Puerto Ricans are African, Taino, and Spaniard blood…"

She also suggested that the backlash was fueled by click-bait. "I know my heart. I know what I meant. And I really wish we lived in a culture that wasn’t click-bait because I’ve never said anything controversial about anybody and far would I ever," she added. "The black community is my community. As Latinos, we have black Latinos. That is what we are. I think when I talk about Latino advocacy they think I mean people only my skin color. And little do they know that I’m very aware of what my culture is… It was a really really dark time for me."

Check out Rodriguez's full comments on the subject at the 12:34-mark in the video above.

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Al Drago/Getty Images

Senate To Propose Two Bills That Might End Government Shutdown

Since Dec. 22, more than a handful of federal workers have yet to clock in. Under Donald Trump's order, agencies that fall within the federal government's banner were closed until a resolve concerning immigration and a border wall between Mexico and the United States was agreed upon by Democrats and Republicans in the Senate.

While on the latter's end a proposal of $5.7 billion to fund the wall was met with contention by the Democrats, both parties plan to meet on Thursday (Jan. 24) to propose two bills that might speed up the end of the shutdown. According to TIME, the Republican's proposal still includes the multi-billion dollar request for the wall, but they would agree to give Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients a "three-year reprieve" from being deported. The Democrats want to re-open the government until Feb. 8 as a means of gathering more time to reach a resolution.

TIME also notes that the Democrats might not agree to the GOP's plan because, on the subject of DACA and TPS recipients, a formidable plan of action to protect them has yet to be implemented. "The President's proposal is one-sided, harshly partisan, and was made in bad faith. It's like bargaining for stolen goods," Senator Chuck Schumer said.

Per ABC News, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stressed the dire position the country is in under Trump's position. "We can't have a president, every time he has an objection, to say I'll shut down government until you come to my way of thinking," Pelosi said. "Understand, that is part of the point of this. If we hold the employees hostage now, they're hostage forever."

The proposals both need 60 votes, which would possibly lead to ending the shutdown.

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