When He Cheats, Will You Stand By Him?


With so much infidelity spotlighted in the news these days, it’s easy to wonder just how far women will go to keep their man, but does that include turning a blind eye to cheating?

Shortly after the news broke that U.S. Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. was cheating on his wife with a White blonde hostess, reports confirm that Sandi Jackson knew two years ago and will be sticking by her man. The Chicago Alderman tells the Chicago Sun-Times, “When it happens to you its amazing how what you once thought was black and white becomes variations of a color called gray.”

The couple has been married for nearly two decades and has two children. Mrs. Jackson said she never could anticipate how she would feel when her husband told her about the affair.

“He said it was over. I was mortified and in agony, but he knew if I found out any other way it would be over.”

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