Whoo Kid Talks Dropping Haiti Anthems With Wyclef, Giving Tech N9ne Some Shine


Banks said recently that you were on “timeout,” and that he wouldn’t be doing any mixtapes with you for a minute. What’s good with that?

He’s always fucking with me on Twitter.  I’m assuming that’s because I sent a message to him about 50 saying that he used to date a midget. He got pissed off on Twitter. That’s just Twitter nonsense. We’ve been working on a mixtape. He’s done a whole bunch of songs already but we’re already too close to the drop date to drop a mixtape. We just want people to concentrate on Hunger For More 2.

So after the album you’ll probably do something?

It depends. We’re both always away. I got my 25-country birthday tour and he gets booked ridiculously off two singles. So scheduling alone is a nightmare. It’s good, we cant complain. We’re both doing good. He’s getting booked overseas more than a lot of artists I know.

Are you working with anyone else on a mixtape?

A lot of the mixtapes I’m doing now are being mixed down and in due time will come out. But I’m just leaking like one song at a time, promoting each situation. Me and Wyclef, we’re doing a mixtape. It’s going to be a lot of features. Other than that, a lot Tech N9ne and Snoop and Gucci Mane, I have nine or 10 mixtapes I’m doing at once. I always work in intervals and I just dump them all at once and then I just disappear.

Tell us about the Wyclef mixtape.

We’re working on it right now. We did like 5 or 6 joints on it. And there are some crazy featuers on there. You’re going to be surprised. It’s gonna be probably 40 percent Haiti dedication and 60 percent Wyclef Fugee returns with the Haitian killer Whoo Kid. All original production—I got Ski Beatz, Red Spyda, Cookin Soul. Shout out to Alchemist. We’re going to make it some sick shit. We’re going to do videos and all kinds of nonsense. On some Haitian general shit. Clef is yapping with a couple cats right now like T.I. and a couple other dudes, but we’re working it out.

Sounds dope. When is that dropping?

Probably before Halloween. It’s going to be crazy.

Tech N9ne’s been buzzing crazy, especially since Wayne gave him props.

He has a ridiculous fan base. And this is his first mixtape. I introduced Snoop to the mixtape phenomenon and all these other cats on the West Coast. They didn’t understand why you have to do a mixtape and give it away for free. So I had to fly there and explain to them. And I did the same thing with Tech. He’s always in the studio, doing songs over.

When’s his mixtape dropping?

Tech9 one will be out around the same time as Wyclef, before Halloween. It’s called Bad Season. So far we have E-40, Jay Rock, Too Short. I’ma have Snoop on there. We’re going to have a whole bunch of people, like, West Coast niggas. And then I’m possibly going to have Banks on there, too. It’s going to be on some sick shit.

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