Win A Limited Edition ‘Muhammed Ali’ Nu-Era Cap!


New Era is proud to announce the launch of the official Muhammad Ali collection caps. The cap company known for their authenticity and fashion forward styles, has teamed up with Muhammad Ali Enterprises to create a line of caps commemorating the boxing legend’s reign of the ring. The series consists of 7 caps with basic word marks, to signature quotes and recognizable portraits. The Ali collection has a timepiece for every diehard fan. Caps are available in all 4 North American New Era Flagship stores and online at


But, you can win your cap today!


Just send your answers to the following quiz to [email protected] and 5 lucky people will win!


1 – When was Muhammad Ali born?

2 – When did he make his professional boxing debut?

3 – Name three rappers who have referrenced Ali in their rhymes.

4 – What was the name of his signature move?

5 – What is Ali’s record?





Ali Basic

 The Basic cap’s block lettering features the traditional “ALI” wordmark in gold on a black crown. Also available in black with black embroidery or white with white embroidery. 



Ali Signature

The Signature cap displays Ali’s distinguished signature spanning across the front of the cap much like his reign of the boxing realm. Available color options are scarlet/black and white/ black. 



Ali Quote

The Quote cap honors Ali’s most memorable quotes in the ring that have lived on for decades. Quotes include “I am the greatest,” “It’s not bragging” and “Float like a butterfly” in white raised embroidered lettering on a black cap. 





The Sub-roidery is the only cap to feature images of Muhammad Ali. For a more eccentric look, the imposed photos overlay the Ali logo. Available color options are white/black and black/scarlet. 



I Am

The ‘I Am’ cap features the most recognizable portrait of Ali’s success on the front right panel with the Ali wordmark on the front left. 







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