The WINs & FAILs Of The 2010 MTV Video Music Awards

From Chelsea Handler’s not-so-funny moments to the lack of Twitter-happy spontaneity, this year’s 2010 MTV Video Music Awards was yawn central from jump. But when you funnel tons of eccentric artists into one arena, a few highlights will obligingly arise. Take a look at VIBE’s picks for the bright and grey moments of last night’s spectacle. Agree? Think we’re bugging? Shoot us a comment down low.


+ Rihanna and Katy Perry’s girly “Drizzy ain’t shit” moment
+ Pusha T.’s surprise spotlight
+ Gaga’s roaring single preivew
+ Rick Ross pushing a granny cart
+ Bieber goin’ ham on the drums
+ Kanye’s blood red suit and toast to the douchebags
+ Usher’s stage set and lights
+ Aziz Ansari laughing his ass off


- No Lil Mama stagecrashing Em & Rih
- Jershey Shore overload
- Ciara and N.E.R.D’s “special” performance
- “Telephone”‘s one nomination
- Chelsea Handler’s jokes
- Trey Songz reptile jacket
- Taylor Swift milking Kanye’s apology
-’s all-blackface-everything getup
- The jackass dudes

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