The WINs & FAILs of Rihanna’s ‘Only Girl (In The World)’


After Rihanna’s fickle pop fanbase displayed indifference towards her modestly successful album Rated R, the Bashian bombshell drops the ominous True Blood theatrics on her new PG-13 single “Only Girl (In The World).” But can the ever-evolving it girl get her global glow back? —Keith Murphy



  • F*ck a rock star… Rih Rih wants to take it back to the dance floor
  • Cool Euro synth breakdowns
  • Rih Rih orders you to “take it like a thief in the night”
  • Makes us forget about Usher’s supremely cheesy “DJ Got Us Falling In Love”
  • She’s having some semblance of fun again


  • By 2:03 it gets dangerously close to Dance Dance Revolution territory
  • Seems a little tame for a woman who appeared in her “Hard” video with tape on her breasts
  • Moby wants his beat back
  • Vocals still resemble a goat in heat at times
  • It’s eh eh eh as an “Umbrella”


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