5 Reasons Rappers and Singers Will Be Actors (Pg. 2)


2. Rappers and Singers Bring In Built In Movie Audiences From The Music World

The movie industry is all about filling seats in theaters so a film can open to big box office and earn the big bucks. That movie magic happens with an entertaining film combined with actors people want to see. Audiences want to see singers and rappers, because they feel invested in them—they buy these artists’ music. So a moviegoing audience will always pay to see a movie with their favorite music acts in them, even if the movie is a dud.  And a dud film can still make money—at least its first week in theaters. Plus, if the music artist has a song on the film’s soundtrack that could even help to boost movie ticket sales even more [see reason # 4 on this list.]


1. Singers and Rappers Have The Money To Help Finance Their Films

One reason you don’t see more African American actors in more mainstream movies is because sadly they are just not cast in them. A second big reason is most black actors (with the exception of few including Denzel Washington, Halle Berry and Will Smith) don’t have the capital it takes to help finance films. But singers and rappers are already music stars and are equipped with the built-in funds as first time actors that many trained new and struggling and sometimes established thespians don’t have. Case in point: Raptor (rap actor) Tip T.I. Harris served as a producer on this year’s summer hit Takers. And some singers are now even partnering with directors as producers to help create dramatic film vehicles for themselves. Singer turned actress Beyoncé Knowles teamed with female director Darnell Martin to ensure she had a plum role in 2008’s Cadillac Records. Beyoncé also served as producer on the flick and had a single on the movie’s soundtrack [see reasons # 2 and #4 on this list.]