ATL Radio Personality Greg Street Is Putting Up 10 Stacks To Battle Illiteracy


Radio personality Greg Street from V103 in Atlanta is challenging the schools in his city to increase the amount of books their students read and he’s made them an offer they can’t refuse—$10,000.

Street personally visited the young men at the B.E.S.T Academy at Benjamin S. Carson to compete in his first annual We Need 2 Read contest. The student that reads the most books—with cooresponding book reports—will win a limited edition NBA Elite PS3. He threw in a plasma TV to sweeten the deal; runners up will receive prizes as well.

The biggest grab in this program—intended to teach young men and women to read more and the difference between good and bad relationships—is 10 G’s in scholarship money for the school that performs the best in the competition.

According to the We Need 2 Read website, “We Need 2 Read prepares and motivates students to read by offering enriching activities that sparks the students interest in reading and other literacy programs.”

This is the 13th year of competition and is offered to all of the high schools in the Atlanta Metro area. —India Chapman

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