Blogger’s Circle: The Internets Love/Hate VIBE’s Greatest Hip-Hop Song Tournament


Lists—especially when it comes to the greatest anything of all time—always spark debate. Whether you agree or not, one thing is certain: Blogs and message boards catch fire with various opinions, and we all know those are like a**holes…

So VIBE rounded up some of your favorite Internet celebrities and got their thoughts on our “Greatest Hip-Hop Song Of The VIBE Era” tournament.



Amanda Diva, The Spark

“There’s way too much Cash Money [in the South bracket]! Trick’s ‘You Don’t Know Nann’ could’ve def been in the mix [but] kudos for thoroughness. Ya’ll showed you’re still hip-hop heavyweights with this bracket!”


Meka, 2DopeBoyz

Being from the West Coast, there’s a few artists I feel got a glaring omission [Compton’s Most Wanted? DJ Quik?], as the entries (with the exception of The Pharcyde) were a Dr. Dre family tree of sorts, with no form of dichotomy. But that just shows how nearly every West Coast hip-hop song can be traced back to one person. Interesting, really.

DDot Omen,

On the East Coast

“Where was Juicy? That’s definitely more of a classic than ‘One More Chance.'”

‘If I Ruled the World’ is no contest in hip-hop probably one of the best songs of all time, everyone and their mama knows the lyrics to this to some degree when it plays…at least the hook anyway.”

On the West

“‘It Was A Good Day’ is an untouchable classic. It brought a different face of gangsta rap when Cube dropped this and definitely deserved to be listed. May be even all time great for hip-hop as a whole.”

On the South

“This is a slap in the face to the south. T.I. ‘What You Know’ and ‘Bling Bling’ were hit singles in their own respect but no Geto Boyz? ‘[Elevators]’ or ‘Rosa Parks’ by Outkast?”

Jeff Rosenthal, It’s The Real

“On first glance, the list is pretty good – I know all of these songs! I like a lot of these songs! The sun is shining! – but then you see that Jay-Z isn’t on the list at all, 2Pac is overrepresented, and Master P and B.G. somehow found their way in the door. The songs are good, but certainly not ‘the best.’”

“‘In Da Club’ for 50 Cent? That was his biggest hit, but not his best song. The same goes for OutKast, Lil’ Wayne, and Nas. (50’s best work is on the magnificent “Hate It or Love It,” a song by The Game that has no way of getting onto a list such as this because it’s bi-coastal.) No list is perfect, so credit to you all for trying, but this doesn’t work for me.”