Blu On Keeping A Low-Profile & Mistaking Lupe For Bilal


Why did you decide to drop the GodLee Barnes LP as one long un-mastered song?

I started to really enjoy releasing songs on MySpace. I did that for about a year, and then it went to releasing short projects. I dropped a couple instrumental projects and the Her Favorite Colour mixtape online. Then Twitter started popping. With the GodLee Barnes LP, I just felt the raw energy of it because that was the original way I recorded it. That old school cassette feel felt right. I may release an official version of that in the future

Will you ever drop an official mixtape with a DJ?

We’re still wrapping mixing the record and getting our campaign together. There might be a mixtape coming. I’ve been talking to some real DJs about doing my first official mixtape. I definitely want to out my foot in that arena⎯show them how I would do it. You’ll definitely hear some random singles from me very soon.

You really seem to keep a low profile.

I definitely have this aura where I like to keep it low-key. I’ve always felt like an underground artist, and it was pretty easy to keep it that way in a sense because that’s where I was established and my comfort zone is. But with the Internet, I’m able to keep my presence without any major radio or TV play.

How did you get down with Lupe’s supergroup, All City Chess Club?

I talked to Lupe on the phone about the crew. He’s the head honcho with All City Chess Club. He really just gave me call on the random one day [laughs]. For some reason, I thought it was Bilal. But we chopped it up for a while. And a little while later he shot me the “I’m Beaming (Remix)” to get on there. I’m still waiting and wanting to lay some verses with them. I’m definitely down with recording an album.

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