Book Freak: Maripol’s Little Red Riding Hood


You may not be familiar with her name, but Maripol is a woman who’s work over the decades has influenced the genesis of our modern pop culture. As the main stylist who created the rubber-banded crucifix that introduced power visionary Madonna to the world in 1984, Maripol has been a leading force in fashion. That iconic (though ridiculously controversial) brass bra in the “Open Your Heart” video? All Maripol.

The power visionary has lived the role of the iconic New York art scene legend to perfection. Along the way of experiencing a life that is more than cinematic, she’s always shared her journey via Polaroid. Her latest bookLittle Red Riding Hood was recently released along with a Marc Jacobs-shared accessory collection with Marc Jacobs. Maripol is busy as ever, and uniquely creative as always. —Ferris Bueller

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