Dawn Richard Dishes About Dirty Money, Interracial Dating & Her Girl Crush


Dawn Richard’s rise to fame started as a member of the girl group Danity Kane from MTV’s Making The Band, however, many things have changed over the last couple of years for this 20-something year old songstress. She’s now a part of a new group by the name of Dirty Money, which consists of hip hop heavyweight P. Diddy, and a singer/songwriter Kaleena. In this exclusive interview, Dawn discusses everything from Dirty Money’s new album, her views on relationships, going back to college and who she considers her biggest girl crush. 

Bitchie Life: The Album Last Train To Paris has been pushed back again. When can we finally expect it to be released, and why does it keep getting pushed back?

Dawn Richard: It’s coming. You guys have to be patient. When people guarantee you something, and you don’t get it, it’s a little heartbreaking. But, honestly, after seeing what Puff has done, and what we have done, we had to push it back because of the greatness of the album. I don’t think a lot of people are comfortable with seeing us a threesome yet. We want to make sure people are comfortable where when we’re doing interviews, they want to talk to Kaleena and I too—they want to know who we are as well. I think that takes time, and I think that if we would’ve forced it, they would’ve just called us background singers. Some people still do that, but I think people are just starting to realize—with the new Drake record and what we have coming up—that It’s not just about Puff. This is a group and I think that we needed to time that.

Bitchie Life: What is the overall feel of the album?

Dawn Richard: Honestly, I think we’re making history—and I’m not just saying that. I’m so proud of what we’ve done. It’s just innovative and refreshing. People might want to hate, but if you listen to our music, it’s been different from the sounds that you are normally hearing. And that’s because it’s something with soul and substance. Not to say that anything else isn’t—I’m just proud of what we have.


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