@Dawn Richard Gives A Celebrity Twitorial On Broadcasting Love & Lust


DO have code names. Some people say, “You and Que are mad random.” But we’re not—you’re just not invited to the party. We be saying all types of nasty over here and no one knows.

go into more than five adjectives about how you feel. The affection should be one per week instead of one every five seconds. We don’t need a hand-to-hand guide to your love life.

use Twitter to hook up. I have a crush on Zoe Kravitz so I was like, ‘RT let her know! Holla!’  The person is going to get it at some point and reply.

 respond back to the girl [hollering at your man]. Let her have that moment. It’s Twitter. That’s like him getting a glance on the street. You’re going to fight a bitch because she says he hot?

twitpic in a bikini. Some people’s bodies look great, I’m not mad at that. But I don’t want to see men in drawers.

let everyone know good the sex is. Or, do it slick. Sometimes I just have to twit ‘Damn…’ and that’s it. Everyone’s going to want your shit if you’re putting all the info out there.

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