The Definitive Kat Stacks Interview: Sex, Slaps & Soulja [Part One]


Andrea Herrera is pretty boring. Just ask. She’ll admit it. But toss a flipcam her way during an underage liquor binge and her ho-hum self will readily collapse to the floor.

Now for the fun part.

Kat Stacks is the Internets one-woman murk machine. World Star Hip-Hop’s sadistic daughter. A certified rapper-eater. Superhead’s spawn. Since the start of the year, Kat’s kept industry relevance by playing the role of a scorned tell-all groupie. From Fabolous to Bow Wow to her latest victim Soulja Boy, the 20-year-old Venezuelan mother is ruthless when it comes to outing those she feels have done her wrong. In a two-part (sober) interview, hip-hop’s most hated reveals herself from all angles—motivation, regrets and fantasies. Think before you touch. This Kat bites. —Tracy Garraud

VIBE: Obviously you’ve got quite a name going for yourself. For the most part, there are two routes someone can take to achieve fame—the purposeful and the accidental. What was yours?

Kat Stacks: When I first started blasting these people… I never expected to do this. One night I was drunk and my home-girl told me to make a video on YouTube when my Twitter got hacked and I had no access to the Internet to speak out. I just made the video drunk, but I didn’t have the [intention] to do all this. 

You were drunk for every video?

Yes, each time [laughs]. I’m a very violent, wild drunk. So the first time the public saw that side of me, that’s what they liked and that’s the only time I could let anything out there without caring about anyone’s feelings.

So what are you like sober?

Other people and rappers who meet me say ‘Why aren’t you wild? Why are you boring?’ And I’m like cause I’m sober and they’re like well you need to start drinking [laughs]. 

During your radio interview last week, you mentioned that your pimp, who’s also the father of your child, gave you the name Kat Stacks. What’s the story behind that? 

Pimps usually have to name their girls. He named me Kat because when he was younger he had a cat that would get jealous every time he brought bitches around. He just said I reminded him of his cat. And then the Stacks came from… Monday through Thursday you had to make at least a thousand every night. You can’t come home without a thousand. And Friday, Saturday, Sunday you had to bring two thousand. And I was bringing stacks home every night.

What’s it like when Andrea Herrera is sobered up watching Kat Stacks?

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