The Definitive Kat Stacks Interview: Sex, Slaps & Soulja [Part Two]


Yesterday, hip-hop’s most hated misses Kat Stacks shared with VIBE the real on Soulja Boy, the roots of her name and why she’s cool with the man who slapped her. In part two, the 20-year-old bang-happy exhibitionist talks Nicki Minaj, Karrine Steffans and where her ex-pimp stands in her life now.—Tracy Garraud


VIBE: Can you share the Kat Stacks approach to nailing a rapper?
Kat Stacks: Usually either they call my manager or if I meet them at a party they’ll be like ‘Oh I’m not going to let you expose me, I know what you do.’ But once I start spitting game in their ear I either go home with them or they call me the next day. 

Who’s done you the dirtiest? 
Lil Twist is the best example even though he’s not that big. I went to his house after getting kicked out the Hit Factory for being drunk when I went to see Nelly. I called him for help and he paid for my cab and we did what we had to do and his assistant, this girl, told me I had to go. No cab, no nothing and that’s how one day I just flipped. That was the worst experience I had with anybody, like ‘Are you fucking serious?’

Sounds like a typical male rapper move. Have you ever been with a female in the industry?
Nah, I’m straight. I’ve been with a couple girls, but only as a drunk sex night with other rappers.

Are there any female rappers you’re attracted to?
Nicki Minaj. I love her body… not the face, just the body.

What’s wrong with Nicki’s face?
Ever since she had the nose job it’s been crooked like a witch.

Nicki had a nose job? 
Yeah her nose looked way better before that. MediaTakeout had the before and after pictures.

You’ve had a before and after as well. New backside right?
Yeah [laughs].

Implants or injections? 

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