Director’s Cut: Ray Kay Breaks Down Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair’ Video


Ray Kay says: “We built this whole world where there are a bunch of kids in a school cafeteria and everything looks gray and dull. Everyone looks the same and is dressed the same and is eating the same food. There is no individuality or personality at the beginning of the video. The kids are all robots. And then, Willow enters the frame. I just showed little elements of her at first. There’s an idea of freedom and individuality that’s a real contrast to the conformed world that you’re seeing before she walks in. She’s full of color and she’s wondering why everyone else is all doing the same thing and looking the same. That’s when the song starts and she starts using her hair to spread some of the color around and spread her freedom around. By the end, she’s taken over the school and shown everyone how to be themselves.”