DJ Irie Recaps Jay-Z’s ‘Decoded’ Unveiling In Miami


First off, I was privy to more information than everybody else, so I found out that Beyonce was also going to be joining us as well. And it was dark, but no I didn’t notice a baby bump. The first thing I did notice, though, at the Delano, was the pool because the lights weren’t turned on, so you couldn’t really make out what was on the bottom of it.

It actually turned out to be a page from Decoded—“Big Pimpin”’s lyrics were all explained on the bottom of the pool. It was a blown up page from the book. A real treat for members of the press, this wasn’t a huge event at all. Everything was real intimate. Jay even seemed to be just hanging out, having a good time. He made himself available to press and really was just chillin’ with his wife. Rico Love, some of LeBron’s camp, Ted Lucas from Slip & Slide and a whole lot of Def Jam folks were in the building.

One thing that I noticed from the book was that the lyrics and meanings behind them were all intertwined in paragraph form. It really all flows together like a story in itself. Even certain slang words are broken down. Now, I’ve heard people say that this book will take away from some of Jay’s mystique, but I think it only adds to his artistry. Jay’s a brilliant lyricist, and there are plenty of his lines that I can sing along to but don’t know what he’s trying to say. This will just make his legacy that much more interesting. Personally, I’m dying to read about “Dead Presidents” and “The City Is Mine.”

But the coolest concept of this book is the Decoded contest that they are running with it. Bing is going to hide pages of the book all around the world and give out clues to fans as to where they’re hidden. The people who find them are awarded with prizes and a chance to meet Jay if they win. It’s a win, win situation for any Jay fan. –As told to Mikey Fresh

Decoded hits stores November 16, 2010.