Fanciful Fragrances For Fall


You may not want to face the fact that summer’s ended, but those wooly cardigans creeping into the center of your closet are proof enough. As you move into a new season, get on the hunt for a new scent to revive your spirit and signal a change. Whether you want a burlesque-flavored experience, an androgynous fragrance, a mysterious woody treat, or a youthful floral bouquet, heres’s a look at some great options for fall: 

1. Pucci Miss Pucci

Kaleidoscopic, swirling ribbons of magenta pink, lilac purple and soft coral along the Miss Pucci fragrance’s rounded core speak to the vibrant patterns we’ve come to associate with the Pucci brand — and, the way those retro patterns interplay with the sleek, futuristic, silver-colored bottle shape mirror the manner in which Pucci has adapted to modern times, constantly reinventing its image while remaining true to its roots.


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