Fat Boy Kool Rock Talks Reality TV Deal, The State Of Modern Hip-Hop (Pg. 2)


What are you working on now?

Our manager wants us to do a reality show. I’m not a big fan of reality shows. I was kinda wishing they would go away but they seem to get bigger and bigger every year. It kind of takes away the creativity of real actors because it seems like the industry doesn’t have to hire any real actors. But the reality shows are real scripted now anyway. So it’s kind of like acting. Our manager wanted to do a reality show looking for a third member so we’re gonna look into that and see where that goes. They’re pitching the show now so it might either be on VH1 or MTV.


Is there anything you would do over with your career?

I would have taken better care of myself physically.


What are your thoughts on hip-hop today?

It still has the brand name. The thing is, nobody’s ever gonna do It like the people that first did it. We got it from people like Furious Five, Treacherous Three, Kurtis Blow and Cold Crush Four. We learned it from them. All of us from that period like LL Cool J and Whodini,  we all took it and ran with it and did it our own way. So the next generation did it their own way and now this generation is doing it their own way and that’s cool. Hip-hop doesn’t mean standing in a b-boy stance in a rope chain and a Kangol hat for this generation, like it did to us. It’s a different hip-hop to them. But I do think the lyrical part of it is gone because you don’t have the KRS Ones and the Kool G raps and the Chuck D’s or even the Nas’ guys anymore. You got some lyricists left like, Drake is a good lyricist and Eminem but you don’t have too many. But what came from the 80s and early 90s everybody pretty much talked about already so what these guys are doing are recycling what came from back in the day.

Any advice for artists coming up?

Just be creative, do your thing and take care of your business. Don’t buy all those cars and the jewelry because if you don’t handle your business correctly they’ll be coming to take back those nice cars and that jewelry away from you. And then what will you have left? So just be creative and be mindful of how you spend your money.

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