Filmmaker E. Raymond Brown Breaks Down The Pimp, Ho Game In ‘GhettoPhysics’

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Filmmaker E. Raymond Brown wants to school you on the pimp/ho game but it’s not what you think. His new film GhettoPhysics, which hits theaters October 22nd and is an adaptation of his book with the same title, explores the relationship between pimps and hoe and how that dynamic is the simplest expression of power used in every day life.

“I noticed the pimp/hoe analogy was in everything. Pimp My Ride. Burger King had a “Pimp My Whopper” commercial and I saw that the terminology was being used, and I saw that it could be used in an archetypal context⎯king, queen, hero, warrior, pimp, ho. It’s not just about prostitution it’s about power, who’s putting down the game,” says Brown, a former music producer. “Right before Bush went to war and led us into that whole maniacal endeavor, the people got down with it. They were suckered into it. He was talking about weapons of mass destruction and I was like, ‘There it is, will the real pimps and hos please stand up!’”

GhettoPhysics is a journey from the streets to corporate boardrooms exposing audiences to a glimpse of what Brown refers to as the manipulation game using satire, animation and interviews with scholars and cultural critics like KRS-ONE and Dr. Cornel West. Brown’s goal is to enlighten people so that they can learn how to use the power dynamic in their lives.

“It’s right along those lines of 48 Laws of Power. 48 Laws was about archetypal roles. In this modern world you have those that are very dominant, very commanding and wielding in the world of the realm of power,” says Brown. If you look at a Jay-Z or Donald Trump or a Hillary Clinton or an Oprah or whatever, they show the docile submissive go along-ish nature of people. I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong but it’s how do you want to develop that side of yourself so you don’t have to play that role all the time and then other times it may be wiser for you to go along and yield. It has to do with the wisdom of the whole yin and yang thing. It’s about dividing both aspects but with a sense of timing so that you can make it work for you and not get your interests pushed to the side.”

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