Full Clip: Ice Cube (Pg. 14)


I Am The West (2010)—Ice Cube


I thought this record was going to come out in July, in the heart of summer. I wanted to have fun with this one and not be so heavily political because I felt like if you wanted a heavily political record, go listen to Raw Footage. This to me was a record where I could just rhyme and do what was required of the music. Being able to put my sons [OMG and Doughboy] on my [latest single] “She Couldn’t Make It On Her Own”…to me they were good enough to be on the record, which was important to me. I didn’t want to give out a charity case. I told them both, ‘Yo, y’all got to impress me as MC’s.’ They had to show me as MC’s that they were true to it; that they wasn’t just doing it because they were my sons, but because they love hip-hop. We had fun shooting the video. Everybody has a silly side; life is too short. I have a dark ass sense of humor.

To me the song is just a fun record…it doesn’t tell a woman, ‘Girl you need a motherfucking pimp in your life…’ [laughs] It’s more like you need a fly motherfucker in your life. So I just wanted to make sure people understood that we are having fun with this. We ain’t trying to send females back 100 years and turn them into hoes. This record is all about celebrating the West Coast instead of putting a line in the sand like we did with Bow Down. I can do this forever. Stevie Wonder is still here. Why not me? People that have been doing what they do for a long time, if you are true to your art, there’s not a reason for you to go away. This ain’t sports…this aint the NFL or the NBA. My tongue won’t get an ACL. My flow is not going anywhere. I can rap like this until my teeth fall out, so people need to relax on that. It’s not about how old you are. It’s about what you are spitting. People are so caught up in everything except what’s coming out the speaker. And that’s all that matters.



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