Full Clip: Ice Cube (Pg. 8)


Lethal Injection (1993)—Ice Cube

At the time when I started recording Lethal Injection, I was in a juggling act. I was trying to juggle movies and music and I didn’t know how to do both at the same time. I would leave the film set and go do records and you don’t ever do that dumb shit [laughs]. So because of that, the music suffered. The records were not as good as they could have been. But there are some [solid moments]. On “You Know How We Do It” you can hear that I learned a lot from what Dre did on The Chronic. That song didn’t have the same style of sampling of my past work. I just felt that we needed to be good enough to start making our own music and sounds. If we always have to sample past artists’ music to make hits we are not going to be here too long. So I started pushing it upon the producers to not just use samples. I just wanted to create some original music.

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