Full Clip: Ice Cube (Pg. 9)


“Natural Born Killaz” (1994)—Dr. Dre & Ice Cube


Dr. Dre invited me to the studio after being out each other’s lives. He had gone through the same thing I went through with Eazy.  And then Eazy died, which was just crazy. So we just felt, man, we can’t be beefing over bullshit. So we started connecting again and Dre played me this beat that he was doing for Sam Sneed, which would later become “Natural Born Killaz.” That beat was insane. I told Dre, ‘Nigga, I want to be on this motherfucker.’ Something happened with the Sam Sneed record to where it didn’t jump off. So Dre called me up and asked if I wanted to be on song. I jumped on it and it was huge.

We were planning on doing an entire Dr. Dre-Ice Cube album, but as soon as we started to think seriously about that project, Dre runs across this kid named Eminem freestyling on the radio. He gets the kid and starts working with him and they make an amazing record. So Dre had to focus all his attentions towards that. Then soon as Eminem got to the point where he was doing his own shit, Dre and I were set to finally hit the studio again. But Eminem brought him 50 Cent and Dre was like, ‘Hold on…’ The album got pushed back again. Dre had to pay 110 percent attention to 50’s album, but I never tripped as much as other people tripped off it. I would have done the same thing.


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