Full Clip: Just Blaze Runs Down His Most Important Tracks (Pg. 10)


“Breathe” (2004)—Fabolous

“I didn’t have anything in mind for this track. It was an off day in the studio and nothing was going on. I knew about the sample from an old song but one of my good friends Dave bought it back up to my attention. So I did the beat and it sat for a while before I gave it to Fab. That’s actually me singing ‘breathe’ on that record. Fab thought it was being said in the sample, but it wasn’t. I sang it over the sample.

I think Fab is finally getting the credit he deserves. I think he’s starting to get his recognition as a lyricist. But some people don’t get their due until late in the game. Fab started out very young. He came into the game 17 or 18-years-old. He’s one of the lucky artists because he was able to have a long career in hip-hop. There are not many artists who come in the game that young and can have substantial careers. Usually you don’t last past two albums, especially rappers around that time period because the game was so oversaturated back then. You had Roc-A-Fella, Bad Boy, Ruff Ryders, Cash Money, The Dungeon Family…the list goes on. All of those labels and crews had their marquee artists and the B and C team artists were also coming out. So for Fab to come out during that time and outlast a lot of his peers from that generation, that’s a beautiful thing.”

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