Full Clip: Just Blaze Runs Down His Most Important Tracks (Pg. 11)


“Touch the Sky” (2006)—Kanye West

“It was really easy working with Kanye. He reached out to me about some beats and that was it. I actually made “Touch The Sky” an hour before he got to the studio. I had these two other beats that I sat aside for him, but I felt like they weren’t cool enough. The irony is, as much as I’m a student of music I had never heard Curtis Mayfield’s “Move On Up” until the day before. I just loved the horns on that song. It just feels good. I knew I wanted to time-stretch and slow it down a bit to make it an anthem. Kanye wrote to another song I gave him but he only recorded “Touch The Sky” and he put Lupe [Fiasco] on it. The version that was released is just two tracks straight out from Protools. We never mixed the beat… only the vocals. And that was Lupe’s introduction for a lot of people. He killed it. I knew that verse on his record was going to secure his spot in the mainstream.”

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