Full Clip: Just Blaze Runs Down His Most Important Tracks (Pg. 16)


“No Love” (2010)—Eminem feat. Lil Wayne

“I’m just happy to be here. There’s a lot of talented people in the game. It could have been anybody, but as God would have it, it was me. I really have to thank everybody else who was involved in this record like Paul [Rosenberg], Wayne’s people and my manager…they kind of orchestrated the push to make “No Love” happen. They consistently stayed on each other until it worked out for me to go out there and work with Eminem. It’s a great experience because it just shows true talent on everybody’s part. After a certain amount of years, people start to count you out and start to doubt you. And 13 years into Eminem’s career he’s right back on top. And I have another huge record on my hands 13 years into my career. After so many years, nothing is promised. There’s always new producers and talent coming out. So it’s just an honor and a blessing. When people congratulate me I just say, ‘Hey, it’s going to help me keep my new lights on. I have a new studio I just built in Harlem. I really like where I’m at right now in my career.”


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