Full Clip: Just Blaze Runs Down His Most Important Tracks (Pg. 5)


Roc The Mic” (2002)—Freeway feat. Beanie Sigel

“Me and Omillio Sparks had some issues because he felt like he wasn’t getting the attention he deserved. Meanwhile, Freeway, who was already kind of hot in the streets, approached me on the humble and said ‘When you get some time, you think you could slide me something? I would really appreciate it.’ What made it worst though is Sparks was on “Roc The Mic” and he got taken off. That’s the main reason we had friction because he thought I was behind that. But the reason he got taken off was because Beanie Sigel put himself on it. He was the State Property crew leader. So once Beans spoke, that was it. I’ll tell you this though. Beans jumping on that song is part of what made it what it is. I gave it to Freeway 5 or 6 in the morning and by noon we were bumping it at the pool at the condo. That’s when Beans heard it and said, ‘Oh, I’m getting on this.’ That was all she wrote.”


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