Full Clip: Just Blaze Runs Down His Most Important Tracks (Pg. 9)


The Black Album sessions: “”December 4th, “PSA (Public Service Announcement)” (2003)—Jay-Z

“One thing about [“PSA”] is it wasn’t supposed to be on The Black Album. The album had already been mastered and sent out; the artwork was already done. But while I was mixing “December 4th” I was working on “PSA” on my headphones while another record was being mixed. And soon as I did that, I knew Jay had to rap on it…he had to stop the presses and take something off the album and replace it with this. That was another one I knew was going to be special. But we needed a way to set it off so I just went in the booth and did that speaking part where you hear ‘My fellow Americans…’ This is when I was doing a lot of voiceover tracks and changing my voice up. The female you hear on that track is also me. People are still shocked to this day.”


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