GLC On New Album, Working With Bun B & Sir Mix-A-Lot (Pg. 5)


On bringing Sir Mix A Lot out of retirement…

The single is called “Clockin’ Lots Of Dollars.” It’s GLC featuring Bun B and Sir Mix A Lot. It’s a song describing the triumph of –ism. The triumph of pimpin’. The triumph of coming up hustling and starting at the bottom to get to the top—and exercising your love for the ladies in between. I felt it would only be right if I get Bun B from the legendary pimpin group UGK, and Sir Mix-A-Lot, who was rappin’ “Put ‘Em On A Glass,” “Baby Got Back” and “My Hooptie,” and all kind of pimpin’ records. I was able to bring Sir Mix-A-Lot out of retirement! For me to come into their lane, things that they’ve done like 20 years ago, it would only be right for me to pay homage and get that stamp. You will all definitely be intrigued and embrace the concept of this album.


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