Hair Debate: Packaged vs. Custom Hair Weave


How many times have you encountered a woman with a bad hair weave? Whether it’s on the street, at work, in the club or on TV, bad hair weaves can be found everywhere these days. Not even celebrities like Beyonce or Gabrielle Union are immune to hair crimes; from choosing the wrong color to texture to not blending properly.

To put an end to hair tragedies like these, we put together a list of the top hair weave brands. Whether you prefer custom blended hair or packaged hair, there is something for everyone. 

Believe it or not, there are some packaged hair brands out there that can stand up to any custom brand, and Outre is definitely one of them. Outre hair comes in dozens of textures, colors and lengths, but we suggest the Premium New Yaki Hair ($19.99, What’s great about Outre hair is that it’s inexpensive, and unlike the lower grade packaged hair, it resembles human hair. The only downside is that Outre hair sheds quite a bit.


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