How To Make It In The Industry…According To Diggy Simmons



  • I think making it is all the same for everybody and that is making sure if you want to have longevity as an artist, you’re gonna have to cater and appeal to everybody off the top because they’re gonna have trouble getting used to you any other way as an adult and it’s happened to a whole lot of artists over time that were young so that’s just the one thing I have that you should look out for or don’t do at all.


  • Having the internet if you can’t get on all the blogs, building yourself from your own YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, even though people don’t really rock with MySpace–all of those networking things work. Get your own website and if you can get the domain. Tumblr, BlogSpot, WordPress–all of those things work and you can put out your music out through your own network and that’s some of the thing you should do.


  • Stay consistent with putting out tracks so you can always be in people’s mind so they can always expect something from you. That’s very vital.