How Newcomer Mekia Cox Heats Up NBC’s ‘Undercovers’

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On NBC’s Undercovers stars Boris Kodjoe and Gugu Mbatha-Raw are seen weekly jetsetting around the globe and escaping danger on spy CIA missions, but their co-star  Mekia Cox says she gets most of her thrill seeking moments in a more traditional place on the show’s set.

“My character, Lizzy Gilliam works in the catering business which is the cover for the two detectives, so I’m in a kitchen and it feels like a real kitchen,” says Cox. “There’s real food, you’re really cooking and the stoves are hot. So sometimes you’ll walk by and all of a sudden the flames will shoot out at you and you’re like ‘Oh! that’s real fire!” 

Cox, who was a dancer featured in the Michael Jackson documentary, This Is It says what you see of her character on Undercovers is pretty much who she is in real life. The actress, who enjoyed a reoccurring role on 90210, says she shares loads in common with the sweet yet frazzled Lizzy. So just who is Mekia Cox? She answered VIBE by saying this is about her small screen ‘alter ego.’

“Lizzy’s a good character; very light-hearted, very fun loving, she’s got a good heart and an interesting past and she’s trying to deal with it,” says Cox. “Oh, and she gets on a few people’s nerves—especially Steven’s [played by Kodjoe].” Another case of art imitating life? Mekia wouldn’t say if that also applied to Boris too.—Ronke Idowu Reeves

 Undercovers airs Wednesdays nights on NBC (check your local listings.)