Just Blaze Talks New TV Show, Jay Electronica Collaborations


When he isn’t producing chart-topping records for the likes of Jay-Z, T.I., and Rihanna, New Jersey native Just Blaze lends his talents to another calling. Just’s passion for video games and film have landed him work on such projects as the Def Jam Rap Star video game and producing the theme song to the recent A-Team movie.

During the launch party for his new studio space at StadiumRed in New York City, the multi-platinum producer spoke on several new projects that will add a few more notches to his belt.

“There’s something else video game and music related that I might be working on. It’s so early, though—we’ve only been two conversations about it. But it will probably have a lot of haters upset, again,” Just tells VIBE with a chuckle, from behind his new console. “I’m also working on a TV show. It’s not just a pitch thing—we’re almost done shooting. I took the downtime I had from making music to do something different, jump on the small screen a little bit. “

Just says he watched Wu-Tang’s RZA find early success in Hollywood and actually picked his brain before expanding his resume past the rap beats.

“I sat next to RZA on a plane, and we chopped it up about expanding our talents. He told me that he knew he had to diversify a long time ago,” says Just on his chance meeting with the RZA. “I definitely admire him for his early move into Hollywood.”

Fans of Blaze’s cinematic production can rest assure that he hasn’t ditched hip-hop for Hollywood. With his new studio setup finally ready to go, Just says he’s already booked for multiple sessions for the rest of the year. However, hopeful hip-hop heads who’ve been praying to the rap gods for another Just Blaze and Jay Electronica collaboration will just have to remain patient.

“Jay and I are going to be coming out with something soon. We do have a bunch of records done, but I don’t want to drop anything else without a purpose. There has to be a bigger picture,” Just explains. “We’ve had conversations about what the next step is, but have finalized any release dates yet or anything. Before, we just were very free spirited. We never even planned on putting ‘Exhibit C’ out on a specific date. We just brought it up to Tony Touch one day.” —Mikey Fresh


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