K-Ci & JoJo (Pg. 2)


JoJo: Anyone that’s out there that feels that an alcoholic beverage is not a problem then you do have a problem, that’s where the first problem begins because you have to admit to yourself. If you get to the point where I was, where you have to go to sleep to it and you have to wake up in the morning to it and have to have it before you eat, that’s a problem and honest to God, when it’s taking over your mind it really is a problem. Because if you find yourself having a conversation with anybody and they come to you and tell you about something that you did more than once and alcohol is related then you have a problem. So you have to get over it and get yourself together. Keep God first. And honest to God if you admit to your problem, it will be much easier for you to deal with that problem.

K-Ci: And when the doctor tells you if you keep drinking you’re gonna die then you have a problem. We’re definitely going to be going to the studio as well as working out a lot of different problems within our lives, like certain situations with our kids and our kids mothers. We just deal with a lot of stuff and when we came into the show we didn’t know what was gonna happen. There was nothing scripted, nothing said to us. Everyday we woke up we didn’t know what was gonna happen next. We just knew we were going through this process.

About a year or two ago there was a clip swirling the web where the two of you were performing and JoJo fell out. What happened? Was it really a seizure?

JoJo: I’m aware that it was all over the internet but that’s gonna be self-explanatory on the show because we show what lead up to it, how it happened. I don’t want to give to much away because I want people to watch the show and really take this show serious. We don’t want people to watch just to say they watch it. This show is really about our lives and to clear up rumors and also to better and to help ourselves, mentally and physically, and understand the importance of the blessings that God has given us. So to answer that question, it’s all in the show.

What can we expect from you guys musically?

JoJo: Musically, you can expect the same love ballads. I’m not stepping on any toes but no there will be no computerized voices, just the same love songs that we’re known for that we know how to do so well. And that we’re not gonna change with time. It’s like old wine we only get better with time. We’re not gonna change with it. The only thing that’s gonna change is the sound of the instrument and that’s it. Everything else is gonna stay the same.

This might be stretch but is there any hope of a Jodeci reunion?

JoJo: Let me tell you something, Jodeci has never broken up as a family. I speak with Dalvin and K-Ci speaks to Devonte. We all speak but right now as far as an album coming out in the near future, it’s hard for me to say because right now we’re just trying to really concentrate on K-Ci and JoJo with this because we feel as though we are the voices of the group so we have to first get ourselves into place and then maybe everything else can fall into place. But as far as, “Is there a Jodeci?” there will always be a Jodeci but we want to take it one step at a time rather than put all our eggs in a basket and have a few of them crack. So we’re gonna be very cautious with every step we make right now. K-Ci Devonte’s appears on the show.


What do you want fans to take away from the show?

K-Ci: I want people to not be embarrassed to get help. And I want fans to see who we really are and what’s true about us and what’s not true and knowing who we are. JoJo I want everybody to tune in for this show not for the ratings, but just look at it, understand and think about some of the questions that you may have had that need to be answered. Watch the show and continue to pray for us.

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