Kat Stacks Talks Karrine, Personal Job Title & If She’ll Ever End The Videos


If you had to give yourself a job title, what would it be?
Right now… [long pause] right now I’m just hosting events, doing photo-shoots, videos. Rappers pay me to come to their after parties. Right now I’m negotiating the reality show. [Stacks’ manager cuts in again: she’s a personality.]

It’s interesting to me that you don’t like having a lot of female friends, but the majority of people who fucked you over are dudes.
Well, I don’t trust dudes. But when I used to go to school I was around the guys. I naturally kept girls away from me.

What’s the last grade you completed?
I’m actually taking my GED classes now. The last grade I finished was 7th grade.

What was your original life plan? 
When I was young I wanted to be a lawyer. But right now I’m not trying to go down through that path. Right now it’s entertainment and helping girls.

You seem pretty aware at how the patterns of your past have shaped you as a person. Ever thought of seeing a therapist?
I don’t think a therapist can help me cope with this kind of life. Only another person from the game. I actually speak to my baby daddy everyday about how to cope with this and he gives me great advice. 

Why speak to him… he was pimping you.
Because he admitted that what he did was wrong. He’s actually a better man now. He sends me money weekly. I actually made him a better person. Every time I ask him for advice he makes me feel stronger and tries to keep me safe.

Is he still pimping?
Yeah, but he keeps me and my son out of it.

He’s not going to stop. Girls go to him because they know who he is to me so they think they can become like me. None of these girls… they’re not going to stop. You can’t stop someone unless they want to stop. I made him a better man so he’s not going to be as cutthroat with these girls like when I was young. He doesn’t even mess with underage girls anymore. 

You mentioned earlier that you wanted to help girls. How are you doing that now?
I try to give them the best advance of life. To stay in school and not go down the road I went to. I explain to them what happens when you try to be like Kat Stacks.

But you’ve gotten slapped more than once for your behavior. Are you learning from your own actions?
When I was young I didn’t have access to the Internet, I was really in the streets working. When you see these videos of men putting their hands on me… I didn’t scream or cry in the video, it’s like… that’s the type of life I grew up in… that’s what I was used to. People don’t understand why I keep making the videos but I grew up with thick skin.

Do you believe what you’ve done…are doing is wrong or right?
I know it’s wrong, especially giving people’s personal information out. But I think it also teaches men to treat women better or you’re going to end up with a crazy groupie like me [laughs]. It teaches them a lesson of how to be a better man. I already made a name out there for myself and I talked to [my manager] about starting an organization to help underage victims in sex trafficking. And the Ricky Martin foundation, they’re trying to put me apart of it too. So I’m just trying to help girls get out of the life I was. A lot of girls email me.

Are you done with videos?
I’m actually over it. Somebody has to really get to me for me to ever do another video again. I’m starting to grow up and be more mature. I still had that little girl mentality when I was doing all those videos. Because I left my house when I was 14 and all I did was work. It was new to me to be free. Now I’m starting to adapt.

You remind a lot of people of Karrine Steffans. What do you think her opinion of you is?

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